There have been a lot of ruffled yellow feathers by last night’s first 2012 debate, in which the Republican candidate said he would like to cut federal funding for PBS, saying quote: ”Hey, Jim Lehrer. I like you almost as much as Sesame Street, which is also worthless, and don’t forget to fuck yourself on the way out”.

Some may not know however that Republicans have been trying to cut the federal portion of PBS’s funding since long before I was born.

I honestly wish there were more people left as purely uncynical as Fred Rogers, and Jim Henson.

According to trusted source Some Shit I Googled “total US public television revenues were $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2008, 19.2% of which came from federal sources“, or 0.012% of the federal budget according to black Carl Sagan; Neil deGrasse Tyson.

So, I suspect “public television” would likely manage to continue without government funding, but the portion of funding paid for through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which funds both PBS and NPR is in my opinion both well deserved, and truly minute.

My personal hope is that this bump of public outrage will actually help PBS by garnering more members who pay to support it. So rather than donate to a Kickstarter for Instagram Print Toilet Paper, or Nazi Yahtzee; The Game of Human Bone Dice, consider donating to the Public Broadcasting System.

You wouldn’t believe the all shit I can do with this tote bag.