This has been a long while coming, but we’ve finally decided it’s time to officially go on indefinite hiatus. Thank you all for 8 fantastic years, there are a lot of strips in there I’m really proud of, and grateful you all took the time to read.

If we have creative projects together in the future, I’ll post about it here and in the RSS feed. If you’d also like to keep up with Peter (the writerman) and his projects you can follow him on twitter @anothercretin.

As for myself, you can keep an eye on me @_AT_Walker, where I’ll keep anyone interested posted on my upcoming solo comics, and on where you’ll soon be able to find some of my work in print.

You never know what will come up in the future, as Stan Lee used to invariably say at over the credits of my How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way way tape; “Remember, the best lies just ahead”.

Thanks again “true-believers”…