Killer Spoons is sort of like a two person band. Much like a band we have weird groupies and t-shirts for sale. Instead of music however, we make whatever we want. Usually comics, sometimes podcasts, occasionally pinecone bird feeders.

Peter McCann. Photo by W. M. Rutherford.

“I’ve been doing this comic for nearly seven years now; and I can’t for the life of me explain what the hell it’s about. Most times, I’m forced to mime some terrible body illness while growling like a silly mongoloid does at his own reflection. Frankly, it isn’t pretty. I’m no good with pictures, that’s Amber’s job. It takes a bizarre and other-dimenional mindset to draw these nonsensical comics, and I for one am glad not to have a part in it. My hands are clean, I just write it. I also maintain somewhat of a presence on my own website: 
I Hate Your

Ambs Myers. Photo by Slimer-bank Hamlet


“I’m an ink covered, science channel watching, geek-pervert in Batman underwear. More pertinently I’m an illustrator, the cartoonist here, and the one who runs the site.

Also part time on the weekends, I’m the lidless burning eye of Sauron. Enough about me. I like your shirt, that’s a good color on you.”