Whoa, a wrap-up and a tie-in. It’s almost like we plan this stuff… almost.
Just like Earth 616, the Spoonavese allows for a lotta weirdos you forgot about to pop back in. You remember that Spider-man that’s like fire-proof or something and looks like he’s covered in waffles his Grandma knit? Neither do I, but he’s a guy and I bet he’ll make a comeback this year. Reboot him, make his waffles outta leather. You know, just like you would in real life?

Oh, speaking of which, today makes 8 years since we posted our first strip online. I for one am quite excited for year 8, think it’ll be a good one. So stay tuned, and you know if you wanna share a strip or something on one of your damn social-whatevers, that would be very sweet of you. Seems like the least you could do, since you forgot our anniversary.

Then again if you did remember, I’d be a little worried for you.